Organizational Structure

The decisions reached by the Board of Directors and the Management Committee are implemented by the Federation’s technical and administrative services, under the overall management of the Executive Vice-President.

These services are made up of three divisions, which are separated into various departments according to their respective activities:

Central Services Division
The departments that make up the Central Services Division are responsible for

  • promoting and providing information about issues of concern to SBE members
  • publicising SBE decisions and policy
  • organisation of events.

This division also covers the administrative and economic functions of the Federation, through the following departments: secretariat, information systems, accounting and quality control.

Research & Documentation Department
This division is responsible for research and analysis. It produces all the documentation on SBE proposals and policy, while also conducting and drawing up studies. In addition, it takes part in initiatives to promote business development.

International Relations Division
This is made up of:

  • The Enterprise Europe Network is the new European Business Support Network of the European Commission, which began operating at the beginning of this year (2008). The objective of this new European Network is to support SMEs in order for them to gain greater benefit from opportunities arising from the Single Market. The Enterprise Europe Network came about as a result of the merger of the Euro Info Centres and the Innovation Relay entres, creating a unique “one-stop-shop” network for SMEs in order to boost their competitiveness through greater internationalisation. The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of 70 consortia (with a total of approximately 580 organisations) in more than 49 countries (EU Member States, Members of the European Economic Area, Candidate Countries and Third Countries).
  • Business Support Office (BSO) for the Southeastern Europe Co-operative Initiative (SECI) whose basic mission is to investigate and provide information about entrepreneurial actions concerning this area.