Organic Products Cluster

Organic Products Cluster (O.P.C.) is a non profit, nationwide organization that has been set up by the Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE) on March of 2006. O.P.C. is an organization with a vertically integrated structure, which supports all actors involved to the supply and marketing chain of the organic sector. Furthermore O.P.C. provides supporting tools and information services for the promotion of the organic products to enterprises and consumers.

The main objective of O.P.C. is to constitute a development organization for mapping out strategies, promoting Greek organic products and supporting organic producers through recommendations and strategic interventions in governmental level. The continuous awareness-raising campaign to the general public about organic products and their benefits is an extremely important principle.

O.P.C. aims to function as an instrument for the continuous updating of the information towards the producers and merchandisers of organic products, about the latest trends and developments in the market area of organic sector. Moreover, a substantial objective of O.P.C. is to strengthen and promote its members, their products and services demonstrating their high quality by informing them, helping them to participate in promotion campaigns and finding solutions to their problems.