International Institute for Management Development (I.M.D.)

The International Institute for Management Development (I.M.D.) is one of the world’s leading business schools with over 50 years’ experience in developing the leadership capabilities of international business executives at every stage of their careers. The majority of the program participants come from medium to large corporations and all have an international orientation to their businesses. Many companies, who begin by sending their managers to I.M.D. programs, go on to develop their relationship with the institute to a closer level and become part of the I.M.D. Learning Network, which provides still further learning advantages.

The World Competitiveness Yearbook (W.C.Y.) is the world’s most renowned and comprehensive annual report on the competitiveness of nations, ranking and analyzing how a nation’s environment creates and sustains the competitiveness of enterprises and has been published without interruption since 1989.

The Federation of Industries of Northern Greece has been since 2001 the national representative of Greece and is in charge of the compilation, gathering and updating of macroeconomic data for Greece. In the frame of realisation of the above project, the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece has created a cientific team in charge of all the above actions as well as their dissemination to the I.M.D.

The W.C.Y. features 61 national and regional economies and their overall ranking; rankings by population size; rankings by peer group and regional rankings.

the methodology adapted includes 312 different criteria, grouped into four Competitiveness Factors:
• Economic Performance (Domestic Economy, International Trade, International Investment, Employment, Prices)
• Government Efficiency (Public Finance, Fiscal Policy, Institutional Framework, Business Legislation, Societal Framework)
• Business Efficiency (Productivity, Labour Market, Finance, Management practices, Attitudes and Values)
• Infrastructure (Basic Infrastructure, Technological Infrastructure, Scientific Infrastructure, Health and Environment, Education)

For the compilation of the W.C.Y., the I.M.D. ensures accuracy through collaboration with 58 Partner Institutes worldwide, including the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece.

The Federation of Industries of Northern Greece as a national representative is in charge of the following actions:
1. The gathering of recent statistical data
2. The conduct of research in competitiveness issues
3. The compilation of the five main economical and entrepreneurial
challenges of Greece
4. The qualitative control of the data represented by the I.M.D.