Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas

The Enterprise Europe Network is the largest European Business Support Network of the European Commission, which began operating at the beginning of 2008. The objective of this European Network is to support SMEs in order for them to gain greater benefit from opportunities arising from the EU Single Market and Third Countries.
The Enterprise Europe Network came about as a result of the merger of the Euro Info Centres and the Innovation Relay Centres, creating a unique “one-stop-shop” network for SMEs in order to boost their competitiveness through greater internationalisation.
The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of 70 consortia (with a total of approximately 580 organisations) in more than 49 countries (EU Member States, Members of the European Economic Area, Candidate Countries and Third Countries).

Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE) member of Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas
In order to provide continued support to companies throughout Greece, the Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE) is a member of the European Business Support Network, Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas, which is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest European network providing a complete package of business support services to companies in order to promote entrepreneurship and business development in Europe.

Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas is the largest business support network of its kind in Greece, consisting of industrial federations, research & technology institutes, chambers of commerce & industry, and official organisations related to innovation and SMEs.

This network provides various services, related to international business co-operation, awareness-raising on EU policies, innovation and technology transfer services, as well as support in order to encourage SMEs to participate in EU programmes, particularly in the field of research and technology. Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas acts as a two-way liaison between companies and the European Commission, in order to facilitate the mutual exchange of opinions, so as to ensure that the policies and initiatives set up by the Commission will be of concrete use to SMEs and will not entail any additional administrative burden.

Business services provided
Regardless of a company’s business phase or the level of its familiarity with EU issues, Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas can help. It provides support for companies in order to help them take advantage of business opportunities and is able to bring them in contact with markets and potential business partners in 40 different countries simply by making a telephone call. In addition, it organizes trade missions, and provides information on business programmes (related both to EU Member States, as well as non-member countries), and also gives assistance with internationalisation issues.

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Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas
21, 26th Octovriou Street
54627 Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310 539 817 ext.142

Katerina Tzitzinou
Director of International Affairs
Ε-mail: tzitzinou@sbe.org.gr

Monika Nagy
Business Advisor
Ε-mail: nagy@sbe.org.gr

Nikoleta Mouratidou
Marketing & Communication Advisor
Ε-mail: mouratidou@sbe.org.gr

Klevisi Miskou
Secretarial Support of International Affairs Department
Ε-mail: miskou@sbe.org.gr

Services provided

• Funding support programmes
• EU legislation
• Business co-operation
• EU policy & initiatives
• Functioning of the Internal Market
• Health & Safety at work
• EU Enlargement
• CE Marking & Compliance
• Public Procurement

• Cross-border co-operation (BORDER, BOSS, EU Matching in Border Regionsprojects, Net4Biz)
• Specialised training to improve competitiveness (STAR project)
• Co-operation at local level
• Researchers’ Mobility Centres Network
• National campaign for EU Enlargement
• Environment (ALTENER, LIFE, SAVE)
• Health & Safety at work (PREVENT)
• Employment (NOW, ADAPT)
• New technologies (ADAPT bis, ISPO, SPRINT, RETEX)
• EC legislation (SBD Hellas)

• Offer & request for business partners

IV. PRODUCTS & SERVICES (informational & awareness-raising)
• Events, seminars, workshops, business matchmaking events
• Monthly electronic newsletter (e-flashnews)
• Circular notes
• Informational material
• Websites

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