SBE Management meets regularly with:

  • the Prime Minister, the leader of the Opposition Party and leaders of the other parties in Parliament, in order to present the viewpoints and proposals of the Federation on the development of regional industry and on Balkan co-operation
  • European Union Officials, who have visited the Federation’s offices and attended special meetings with the Board of Directors
  • local government officials and representatives of social, cultural and professional organizations in Greece, representatives of other countries and foreign business groups.

SBE is represented in institutionalised and non-institutionalised committees, such as:

  • committees for the revision of the institutional framework of investments, taxation and labour relations
  • advisory committees on investment approval
  • committees for the evaluation of community programmes
  • professional organisations, banking institutions, public organisations and companies.

SBE collaborates with other organisations in order to promote its viewpoints more effectively:

  • the Federation of Greek Industries (FGI) and Regional Industrial Associations
  • the Greek General Confederation of Labour
  • the Trade Union Centre of Thessaloniki
  • Chambers, as well as local and sectorial business federations
  • institutions of higher education

Other activities undertaken by SBE:

  • it participates in the foundation of new organisations in northern greece
  • it organises conferences in greece and sends business delegations abroad
  • it conducts research and studies
  • it promotes new technologies
  • it creates strategic development plans
  • it provides timely and reliable updates
  • it provides legal support
  • it promotes action on labour issues
  • it undertakes special activities concerning the european union and the balkans
  • Enterprise Europe Network
  • Business Support Office of the SECI
  • it participates in sectorial and technical institutes
  • it forms specialised working groups.